Windsor Jr. Spitfires 04


Head Coach: Kyle Donovan

Assistant Coach: Tim Findlay

Assistant Coach: Bobby Trittler

Manager: Justin Gauthier

On-Ice Helper: Lee Dowling


G – Ethan Degenais

G – Adrian McBride

D – Owen Findlay

D – Warren Clark

D – Jonah McDermott

D – Luka Milosevic

D – Konnor Smith

F – Gabe Barette

F – Nate Dowling

F – Ethan Galvan (LaSalle Sabres)

F – Nicholas Graniero

F – Gavin Grundner

F – Noah Morneau

F – Aedan Sullivan

F – Zachary Vaillancourt

Brody Gillis (Windsor Junior Spitfires A)

Brendan Gouin (Windsor Junior Spitfires A)

Dominic St Amand (Kent Cobras)



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