Waterloo Wolves 04


Head Coach: Shawn Dietrich

Assistant Coach: Bill Gilmore

Assistant Coach: Derek Lebold

Assistant Coach: Darren Rose

Trainer: Johanna Padalino

Goalie Coach: Hayden Padalino

Skills Coach: Brandon Robinson

Skills & Nutrition: Justin Brooks

Game Day Host: Jesse Hutchinson


G – Collin MacKenzie

G – Lucas Young

D – Ty Higgins

D – Liam Wadel

D – Cedricson Okitundu (Eastern Ontario Wild)

D – Jesse English (Kitchener)

D – Liam Eveleigh

D – MacGregor Roy

F – Jake L’Heureux

F – Evan Silveira

F – Tanner McDonald

F – Andy Reist

F – Lucas Carson

F – Evan Klein

F – Maclean Russell

F – Cole Pelley (Cambridge)

F – Hunter Nagge

F – Tyler Ward (Hamilton)

11 thoughts on “Waterloo Wolves 04

    • I do like his game a lot and feel his size will propel him up the draft boards. With that said, let’s not forget Waterloo had six players in my top 16 I believe in the Alliance so plenty of talent on the squad. Top 25 didn’t even include guys like Parker Casey and Spencer Kersten.


  1. I have heard Waterloo could have as many as ten players drafted, three dmen, five forwards and one goalie. Could there be more??


    • Was very good. Gave up a fair amount of rebounds which could hurt him in the future but nice game. I’d expect him to go Sunday against Huron-Perth with Torchia going Saturday against London.


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