Kitchener Jr. Rangers

kitchener logo

Current Record – 0-0-0

Standings –

Top Scorers – (Goals-Assists-Points): Coming Soon

Unofficial Roster:

Duncan Rolleman

Adam Whetren

Aidan Milne

Adan Grein

Sam Shakes

Nickolas Donelle-Workman

Nicholas Billeci

Kyle McCauley

Carter Raslovetzky

Riley Benko

Christopher Black

Eric Kinnear

Luke Munroe

Jacob Ehrhardt

Tyler Nunes

Mitchell Lafay

Ian Glendinning

Nicolas Thibodeau


4 thoughts on “Kitchener Jr. Rangers

    • I wouldn’t say that. He had an off game with 2 goals scored on scrambles and a couple he didn’t have a chance at (Gritz’s goal was filthy). Kimmell has played great versus Waterloo all year, especially in the semis of the Gold Puck where he was on fire until he left with injury.


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