Hamilton Huskies 04

hamilton logo

Head Coach: Chris Travale

Assistant Coach: Marcus Ruberto

Assistant Coach: Jeremy Bloomfield

Trainer: John Staresinic

Manager: Grant Koropatnicki


G – Riley George (Hamilton Huskies MM)

G – Jacob Koutny

D – David Dubois

D – Benjamin Ballantyne

D – Tyson Wassink

D – Michael Brown (Halton Hurricanes)

D – Ethan Buckle (Southern Tier Admirals)

D – Matthew Mayich

F – Cristobal Tola (Halton Hurricanes)

F – Lucas Staresinic (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)

F – Connor Koropatnicki

F – Antonio Pugliese (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)

F – Justin Dezoete

F – Tyler Azure

F – Patrick Thomas

F – Brett D’Angelica (Hamilton Jr. Bulldogs)

F – Ryan Schaap

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