2017/18 Alliance Player Rankings 6-15

Here we are, back at it with the second section of the inaugural Alliance Scout Player Rankings for the 2017/18 season. This list will bring us all the way to the top five and has some players who will be able to make a run at a top five position based on their play in the last few months of the season heading into the OHL Draft in April.

15. Matt Onuska (Waterloo Wolves)

Onuska is the lone goaltender to make the rankings in its first format. While there were a few goaltenders in the discussion for top netminder in the assocation, Onuska has done plenty to distance himself for the pack. Onuska has size on his side, already standing over six feet tall. He’s also incredibly agile for a bigger goaltender and rarely gives up bad rebounds. Onuska has been a key in the Wolves recent march up the Alliance standings.

14. Quinton Pepper (London Jr. Knights)

Pepper has used his combination of size, speed and stick handling to solidify himself as one of the top offensive options for the London Jr. Knights. Pepper has made huge strides after playing on a very successful AA team at Bantam. He is a player whose projectory is on the rise.

13. Sheldon Pryce (Huron-Perth Lakers)

Co-Captain for the Lakers, Pryce has been a major factor as to the early success Huron-Perth experienced to begin the year. A smaller forward, Pryce has breakaway speed and such control that he makes difficult plays at top speed look simple. He’s also gained some experience at the Jr. B level as an AP.

12. Graham Sutcliffe (Cambridge Hawks)

A consistent performer on the back end, Sutcliffe has become the go-to defender for Scott Walker and the Cambridge Hawks. Sutcliffe has a monster shot from the point, but suprisingly hasn’t registered a goal yet this year. Sutcliffe also has a vrey high hockey IQ which keeps him from getting caught deep in the offensive zone.

11. Ryan Gagnier (Sun County Panthers)

One of, if not the best two way forward in the Alliance, Gagnier is a defensive forward on an incredibly offensive squad. Gagnier is responsible for defending some of the best players he plays against which included a great showing against Quinton Byfield earlier in the year. Along with his defensive prowess, Gagnier is also an offensive weapon who positions himself smartly to get the best chances and began the year as one of the highest scorers in the league.

10. Rylan Bowers (Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs)

Bowers was a great player in the Alliance last season and he has secretly risen to that level once again. At the Christmas break, Bowers is tied for third in Alliance scoring on a Chiefs team that hasn’t exploded offensively this year. Bowers has one of the best shots in the league and still plays that physical style he’s known for.

9. Andrew Casasanta (Brantford 99ers)

Casasanta, like Bowers, has quietly gotten himself into the top three in Alliance scoring. Casasanta is another one of those fast 99er forwards that makes it tough for defenders to keep up with. With some stick handling and fantastic puck control, Casasanta can move through the offensive zone into the high opportunity spots.

8. Zane Dalpe (Sun County Panthers)

Now in his second year at Minor Midget, Dalpe is showing his full game playing against his own age group. Speed mixed with great moves are what make Dalpe dangerous. He is also a very physical player who has thrown some huge hits thus far. That goes both ways as Dalpe sometimes gets himself into penalty trouble due to his playing style. Despite that, Dalpe is a big part of Sun County’s future this season.

7. Carter Schoonderwoerd (Huron-Perth Lakers)

A player many teams fear, Schoonderwoerd is the definition of a sniper. He needs only a couple seconds and a few inches of space to find the back of the net. While he hasn’t racked up the goals this year, he has faced top defenders and sometimes double coverage for much of the season. With size on his side, Schoonderwoerd has shown the ability to play a physical game, but it hasn’t been a consistent part yet this year. Should he bulk up and become a physical force on the ice, Schoonderwoerd could become a phenomenal power forward.

6. Joseph Serpa (Cambridge Hawks)

As good a playmaker as they come, Serpa has been a top option for the Hawks all season long. The best hands in the Alliance, Serpa has become notorious for his puck control along the boards and his ability to play “keep away” from the defenders. Always thinking pass first, Serpa could benefit from thinking shoot in more situations. Serpa is on the cusp of the top five and more strong showings come playdown time could vault him into the next grouping.

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