Alliance All-Star Rosters Released

Coming up this weekend, Waterloo will host yet another Alliance All-Star weekend. The event, which showcases players from Bantam to Midget, is also the beginning of the selection process for the Alliance OHL Gold Cup team as well as the first viewing for some looking to represent Team Canada next year at the U16 tournament.

68 Minor Midget players were selected as part of the four team mini tournament that occurs throughout the weekend. 36 forwards, 24 defenseman and 8 goalies in total will make the trek.

Here are the full team rosters.

Team Blue:

G – Corson Marit (Kitchener)

G – Lewis Boulton (London)

D – Stefan Dobrich (Sun County)

D – Mason Howard (London)

D – Stefan Panzalovic (Sun County)

D – Dylan Schives (Chatham-Kent)

D – Michael Van Loon (Elgin-Middlesex)

D – Gavin Wood (Waterloo)

F – David Anderson (Cambridge)

F – Cal Christner (Waterloo)

F – Stephane Crevier (Sun County)

F – Nolan Degurse (Lambton)

F – Luke Drewitt (London)

F – Tyson Hillier (Waterloo)

F – T.J. Hughes (Hamilton)

F – Jakob Marche (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Keean Washkurak (Waterloo)

Team Grey:

G – Liam McCarthy (Elgin-Middlesex)

G – Cy Martin (Waterloo)

D – Mark Cooper (Cambridge)

D – Grayson Ladd (Chatham-Kent)

D – Aidan McLeod (Brantford)

D – Mason Millman (London)

D – William Ryan (London)

D – Ben Sheppard (Hamilton)

F – Ryan Campbell (Cambridge)

F – Dean Deluca (Sun County)

F – Peter Fleming (London)

F – Cole Mackay (Kitchener)

F – Eric Maltby (Kitchener)

F – Russell Oldham (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Aidan Preuter (London)

F – Aaron Shaw (Windsor)

F – Jordan Stock (Hamilton)

Team Navy:

G – Tyler Laureault (Windsor)

G – Jet Greaves (Cambridge)

D – Nathan Allensen (Waterloo)

D – Matthew Couto (London)

D – Blake Hull (Lambton)

D – Jameson Mitchell (Kitchener)

D – Maxim Mulder (Huron-Perth)

D – Luc Warnock (Sun County)

F – Brett Budgell (London)

F – Jeffrey Burridge (London)

F – Kurtis Goodwin (Waterloo)

F – Brayden Krieger (Waterloo)

F – Hunter Monkhouse (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Lucas Thompson (Hamilton)

F – Tyler Tullio (Windsor)

F – Liam Vanloon (London)

F – Kyle Yetman (Cambridge)

Team White:

G – Owen Say (London)

G – Aidan Pitre (Sun County)

D – Bryar Dittmer (Chatham-Kent)

D – Mitch Krieger (Windsor)

D – Christian Luciani (Sun County)

D – Danny Heath (Kitchener)

D – Jagger O’Toole (Cambridge)

D – Mark Woolley (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Jacob Bloomfield (Brantford)

F – Steven Grant (Cambridge)

F – Tyler Hamill-Kress (Cambridge)

F – Adam Jeffery (Windsor)

F – Cole Mackinnon (Chatham-Kent)

F – Navrin Mutter (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Zach Russell (Kitchener)

F – Cole Schwindt (Kitchener)

F – Ryan Suzuki (London)

In addition to the 68 players listed above, Kitchener forward Justin McCombs and Cambridge defense Colin O’Hagan were also selected to the teams but could not play due to injuries. Also, Sun County forward Zane Dalpe will also be at All-Star weekend, playing in the Bantam All-Star game.

London leads the way, not surprisingly, with 13 players coming to Waterloo. Waterloo and Cambridge will each send eight players while Kitchener, Elgin-Middlesex and Sun County will have seven representatives.

One of the things I like is that Windsor forward Tyler Tullio, despite being an 02 player, will indeed get the chance to play in the Minor Midget game rather than having to play with the Bantam’s for a second consecutive year. Last year, McCombs was rostered on the Bantam team and was in a class of his own, eventually taking home one of the game MVP awards.

Whenever you have a selection process, there will always be players who don’t make it that you kind of wonder about. The All-Star game is no different and this year there were a handful of players I thought made good candidates for the team.

In net, Kyle Curtin has put up some good numbers despite the struggles of Brantford on the ice. All the viewings I’ve had of Curtin have been positive and I was surprised to not see his name on this list.

Up front, Waterloo’s Jake Code and Chatham’s Lucas Fancy were both players I expected to make the trip. Code has been a facilitator for Waterloo this year and has been one of the more consistent forwards. It’s been no secret that I’ve liked Fancy’s game this season. The skillset he brings and how effective he is at his size makes him a very good player.

On defense, I thought a case could be made for Kitchener’s Chris Adlys. While injuries haven’t been kind to Adlys, he’s been a rock and his improved play is one of many reasons for Kitchener’s success this season. While he has played forward as of late, Elgin’s Jake Weston was also a name I expected to see. He has played very well up front in the past few games and was just as effective on defense.

Not everybody will agree on the selections and for that, I’ll repeat something that Kitchener assistant coach Marc McCallum tweeted out. Just because a player did not make the All-Star team, that doesn’t mean that is where it ends. A strong second half of the season will get you the attention and a possible invite to the Gold Cup. Use this as motivation going forward.

For those that will be attending the event, enjoy your experience and play your game. It’s a long weekend that players won’t forget for some time.

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