2016/17 Lambton Jr. Sting Season Preview

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2015/16 Minor Midget Standings: 10-18-5 (9th Place)

2015/16 Minor Midget Final Result: Did not qualify for playdowns

2015/16 Major Bantam Standings: No Team

Last season was not a stellar one for the Lambton organization. Not only did the Minor Midget’s just miss out on a playdown position, but the bantam team didn’t even exist. That is what makes this season one of redemption for the boys from Lambton.

The 2000 age group for the Lambton Jr. Sting was an incredibly strong defensive team. There were just on the cusp of being a top five defensive team thanks in part to the likes of Duncan Core on defense and Jakob Knowles in net. The problem for the team was on offense. While near the top on defense, Lambton was in the bottom three in goal scoring last season. Despite that, the Jr. Sting were well within striking distance of a playdown spot before going winless in their final 10 games, dropping to 9th spot.

It was quite shocking news back in April of 2015 when the Lambton association announced that they would be dissolving the Major Bantam team for the upcoming season due to “lack of tryout participants”. An obvious blow to those at the age group, players were forced to find other routes to continue their hockey development. Some went and played AA while others searched for roster spots in other organizations. Without a AAA team last season, there could be some obvious obstacles heading into this current season.

The roster for the upcoming season is not one normally seen at this level in the sense that there are so many different players coming from different organizations. Eight players will come from within the Lambton Jr. Sting family, some from AA and others from the MD program. Forwards Spencer Vandenboom and Nick Steeves are two to watch on the Lambton side. The defense saw Kyle Kachan move over from the Elgin-Middlesex Chiefs while Jaycob White leaves the Southern Tier program to join the Jr. Sting.

The strong point for this team could be in goal. Tristan Clark has traded in his Cyclone jersey for a Sting one. Lambton’s 2nd goalie is American Andrew MacLean, who played hockey with the Victory Honda program last season. It will be interesting to see the success that MacLean has in the Alliance, one year removed from the stellar campaign that fellow American Alex Gritz put together with Waterloo last season.

It won’t be an easy season for the Jr. Sting, but they also won’t be a pushover to other teams. Clubs in the Alliance would be wise to not take Lambton lightly as they may have more to prove than anyone in the league.

2016/17 Lambton Jr. Sting Roster

Andrew MacLean

Tristan Clark

Thomas Cardinal

Ryan Bartwiski

Jaycob White

Joel Stover

Kyle Kachan

Blake Hull

Steele Harris

Spencer Vandenboom

Nick Steeves

Carson Perry

Elijah Duquette

Zach Bresette

Zach Moore

Cole Clements

Cameron Ware

Nolan Degurse

1 thought on “2016/17 Lambton Jr. Sting Season Preview

  1. Great Article … When the Lambton Association opted to dissolved the Major Bantam team, for the 2015/16 season, one disappointed, long time, 2001 AAA player began looking for other hockey options outside the AAA program. He was offered, and accepted, a spot on the U16 Blyth (South) Prep School Team, in Burlington, for his minor midget year (2016-17). He is the only 15 year old defenseman playing on a team of mostly ex-AAA 2000 aged players from the Hamilton / Oakville area. Although no longer in the Alliance, he is certainly a Southwestern Ontario boy who owes much of his development, in large part, to the Alliance Hockey AAA program. Brandon Neelin’s is certainly an unusual hockey journey.


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