Alliance All Star Weekend Preview


The Alliance will take a break this coming weekend to showcase all of the talent in the association with their All-Star Weekend festivities in Waterloo. The Minor Midgets take centre stage with a four team tournament while the Bantams and Midgets will send their best out there in a single exhibition game.

With the Minor Midgets bringing out four teams, there were plenty of players who were chosen to represent their teams. The Minor Midget Teams are as follows:

Team White:

G – Keaghan Brett (London)

G – Rhetton Kimmel (Kitchener)

D – Marko Jakovljevic (Brantford)

D – Zach Jankovic (Hamilton)

D – Duncan Core (Lambton)

D – Isaac Walker (London)

D – Braidon Duncan (London)

D – Tristan DeJong (Waterloo)

F – Jack Gee (Brantford)

F – Matthew Chard (Cambridge)

F – Eric Carter (Chatham-Kent)

F – Isaac Taylor (Hamilton)

F – Sean Kawalec (Kitchener)

F – Kyle Fisher (London)

F – Brett Fisher (London)

F – Mason McMahon (Waterloo)

F – Kory Silverio (Windsor)

Team Navy:

G – Nathan Young (Huron-Perth)

G – James Walker (Windsor)

D – Holden Wale (Brantford)

D – Jack Deighan (Cambridge)

D – Brady MacDonald (Elgin-Middlesex)

D – Joe Correia (Lambton)

D – Reid Stieler (Sun County)

D – Parker Jacques (Sun County)

F – Grant Spence (Chatham-Kent)

F – Aidan Reid (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Andrew Hanaka (Hamilton)

F – Evan Dowd (Huron-Perth)

F – Greg Hay (Lambton)

F – Joel Mazzilli (London)

F – Jake Nimmo (Sun County)

F – Spencer Kersten (Waterloo)

F – Evan Ferguson (Windsor)

Team Grey:

G – C.J. Burgess (Chatham-Kent)

G – Nathan Torchia (Waterloo)

D – Andrew Thomas (Chatham-Kent)

D – Spencer Lapointe (Elgin-Middlesex)

D – Eric Gibb (Huron-Perth)

D – Addison Macey (Kitchener)

D – Eastan Eckert (Kitchener)

D – Gianluca Pizzuto (Windsor)

F – Griffen Fox (Brantford)

F – Rewdy Scott (Cambridge)

F – Wes Dobbin (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Derek Seguin (Hamilton)

F – Eric Uba (Kitchener)

F – Blake McConnell-Barker (London)

F – Steven MacDonald (Sun County)

F – Chris Playfair (Waterloo)

F – Jacob Rosa (Windsor)

Team Blue:

G – Lucas Bain (Elgin-Middlesex)

G – Jakob Knowles (Lambton)

D – Cooper Page (Cambridge)

D – Austin Jensen (Hamilton)

D – Garrett Nelson (Huron-Perth)

D – Sam Stanton (London)

D – Tyler McBay (Waterloo)

D – Owen Lalonde (Windsor)

F – Kevin Quinn (Cambridge)

F – Garrett McArthur (Chatham-Kent)

F – Jake Murray (Elgin-Middlesex)

F – Connor Gibson (Hamilton)

F – Kaleb Pearson (Huron-Perth)

F – Luke Bignell (Kitchener)

F – Joey Ferrera (Lambton)

F – Eric Guest (London)

F – Mitch Hoelscher (Waterloo)

The London Jr. Knights lead the way with nine players heading to Waterloo while Brantford and Sun County have just four of their stars making the trek to the Sun Life Financial Arena.

A couple of surprises when it comes to the selections made. All of the players who were rostered definitely deserve their place, but a guy like Cam Rombouts in Lambton I thought should be in attendance. And although Keaghan Brett is on the roster, Jukka Schotter has put up good enough numbers to merit a selection as well.

When I originally saw the roster, my jaw was nearly on the floor when Alex Gritz wasn’t included. It was then brought to my attention by Kitchener Rangers scout Rob Hunter that since this is the beginning of the U17 selection process and because Gritz is American, he is unable to play. While I understand the aspect of making this part of the selection process, if you’re going to call it the Alliance All Star weekend then the best players in the Alliance should attend and Gritz is without a doubt one of the best.

Should be a great weekend of games and the play of these players should solidify the Alliance Scout rankings, which should be released next weekend ahead of the Gold Puck Tournament.

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